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A Fish Called Lily


Finishες (2012) poster.Designed by Fish Lily.

A improvisation film in the streets of Berlin.A girl is walking around,searching for a connection with something or someone. 
Direction,Camera & Montage by Dimitra Mitsaki 
Starring Despina Bibika & Sarah Weber 
Music Composed & Performed by Maria Koltsida
Produced by Kolektiva Balkana & Filmarche.

Somewhere in Brandenburg,by Fish Lily ,july 2014

"Dead Brother’s Song" short film,photo by Fish Lily ,Berlin,june 2014

"365 Days for Holidays",photos by Fish Lily,somewhere in Greece.

May 2014,Könnigssee ,by Fish Lily

Die Hexe,May 2014,Könnigssee ,by Fish Lily

In Between ,photo by Fish Lily ,near Thessaloniki,Greece,January 2014

Stop Motion Film in Progress,Project by Fish Lily.2014

Görlitzer Bahnhof ,2012 ,Berlin ,photo by Fish Lily

•½±  ¿¹·¼±/Ein Gedicht.

"K.L." Thessaloniki 2005,photo by Fish Lily

trailer from Finishες-short film ,Berlin 2012 ,by Fish Lily

short film by shoot to film procuctions

“ How undisturbed, the sleep of the foolish. ”